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A postcard from Enock...


As a guide, the people we meet while on the job are equally as interesting and captivating as the wildlife we seek out together. Getting to know our guests is often the highlight of our day. We learn about their safari wish list and this gives us something to work towards and find.

Listening to our guests is essential. Someone is trying to find a spring hare, the other may be longing to see a live kill, maybe you wish to spend a few hours gazing over the watering hole ... Or perhaps you have a keen birder in your midst.

The beauty of a slow safari at Chem Chem is in our private guides and vehicles tailoring the experience to your wildest dreams. Each of us in the guide team loves to share our knowledge and a laugh out in the bush. We have grown up surrounded by nature's immense beauty and intrigue.

We welcome you to join us.

Karibu sana

Enock (Guide)

Enock has brought with him a wealth of inspiring knowledge from the Selous and the southern parts of Tanzania, where he is originally from. The junior guides are quick to seek him out for advice and new information about anything from mammals, insects, reptiles or birds. Everyone listens carefully when he starts telling stories from his life in the African bush.



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