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A postcard from Mercy...


Going on safari is filled with adrenalin, adventure and tensed muscles from exciting safari moments. After a few days exploring the enigmatic wilds of Tanzania, we highly recommend some TLC ... This is where we step in.

Let the senses slip into sheer relaxation mode with our small-but-sumptuous range of indulgent body massages and hand or foot treatments. Drift away into bliss while being pampered in serene surrounds, zebra and giraffe grazing only feet away...

Both Chem Chem Lodge and Little Chem Chemhave a curated menu of wellness treatments crafted for safari-goers. After days on safari, get yourself back into top-to-toe shape with a manicure or pedicure, or enjoy the pressured strokes of a massage to relieve any tension built up from time in a vehicle.

After time with us, your sense of well-being will be restored and you will be ready to set off on the next adventure beckoning from the African bush.

Kwa amani

Mercy (Little Chem Chem Spa Therapist)


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P.S. Did you know that when you book 4 nights or more in combination at our camps and lodge, that you receive a complimentary 30-minute massage every day?
(Applies to Little Chem Chem & Chem Chem Lodge)


Chem Chem Lodge

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In addition to our spa, we have a well-equipped Techno Gym. Cool off after a workout with a dip in the outdoor pool overlooking the wilderness.

LODGE GYM EQUIPMENT: a range of weights and kettlebells, a multi-function trainer, elliptical trainer, spinning bike, yoga mats, Rouge Timer and towels. Feel like a run? Head outside and run across the lakeshore of Manyara with a Maasai warrior!

Relax in the Little Chem Chem Spa...

Little Chem Chem

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Our spa tent at Little Chem Chem opened earlier this year offering guests a peaceful sanctuary & complimentary treatments with every stay (subject to availability).

ABOUT THE SPA TENT: located to the side of our main camp area with privacy walls shielding it from view. The tent includes an outdoor shower, as well as an indoor shower, to refresh. The tent is open in the front so that guests can enjoy special moments like elephants ambling by while enjoying their treatment.

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It's more than a safari ... it's a lifestyle
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