Chem Chem Safari
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Slow safaris together


"If you want to go FAST, go alone.
If you want to go FAR, go TOGETHER..."

~ African proverb


In a world where days race by, our children surf more web pages than oceans - and we find ourselves connected to our emails more than one another - it is important to slow down, disconnect from our devices and reconnect with our natural environment.

Safari is one of the last true vestiges for authentic connection. Away from high-speed internet and LED screens, sit around the fire together and tell stories, watch on as a herd of elephant amble past, or feel the quickening of your pulse as a cheetah takes down a gazelle. Safari awakens the senses, stirs the soul and fosters memories.
Join us on a slow safari soon, and discover the magic of time together in nature.




When staying at Chem Chem,
family and friends of 4 or more have so much to look forward to...

We have highly trained and friendly private guides. Join them on an open safari vehicle and explore the Tanzanian wilderness together.

For a truly intimate family escape, Forest Chem Chem is a private bush camp for up to 10 guests complete with your own private chef, vehicle & guide, guaranteed.

We welcome children at all of our camps and offer a host of experiences tailored for varying ages. The very young enjoy safari themed cupcakes and activity books, while older children explore making bows and arrows as well as nature walks and learning bush skills. Older generations enjoy game drives together, sundowners on the lake shores, wildlife walks, time with our community and the slow pace of safari life.

Choose anything from our intimate family tents to booking the entire Lodge for up to 18 guests, or simply having a few of our elegant suites next to one another.
This is your time to disconnect in order to reconnect.